MBBS in Russia

Expenses in Russia

When Indian students decide to study MBBS in Russia, they could find the cost of living and other expenses in Russia. First of all, accommodation costs barely range from US $ 100 to the US $ 300 per month, which can be adjusted according to your lifestyle. Using a metro smart card would help you easily commute to work for just US $ 65 a month. The cost of the meal can be conveniently located at just US $ 10 per day. If Indian students want to have a car for transportation, then the fuel prices per liter are estimated at only US $ 0.5 that is quite convenient to buy according to the student’s budget. Most important of all, the cost of utilities for each month would be almost US $ 150 that is definitely an attractive factor to get MBBS admission in Russia for Indian students.

Safety of Russia

Students have access to clear safety standards in the most secure urban communities in Russia. Students, on the other hand, should stay away from any dangerous neighborhoods in the city, and it is recommended not to stay outside any Russian city after 02:00 A.M. students who are enrolled in higher medical universities in Russia like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is attracted to lower-ranking offenders, so they must be careful when they go abroad. Thus, students should be careful and they do not show any signs of fear and anxiety. Students may be able to get out of any problematic situation in Russia while maintaining a firm stance in the face of attackers. It is important to note that the level of protection for the general population of Russia may not be considered equivalent to that of Switzerland, but maybe better than that of any Latin-American nation. Another essential fact to always remember is to carry proof of easily identifiable identification. Russian police can demand character checks and identity verification at any time and this is considered a common occurrence in Russia. So, if students are found near suspicious places or their behavior and activities seem suspicious to the police, they will ask for proof of their identity. It is therefore advisable to always carry photocopies of enrollment documents, credentials, and visas and a certificate of character can be a saving grace in case of crisis.

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