Beat Enterpreneur in North India

Growing your country with your talent is such a blessed thing. Today I am sharing the story of Arun, a well known digital marketer & best entrepreneur of North-India

Arun Exposure entrepreneurship at a very young age. He only believes in success, result and care. He believes aspiring entrepreneur needs to have a certain level of knowledge, humanity, ability to observe and learn different things and also he should have the maturity to embrace failure to start a new search with positive minds. Arun did lots of research about business’s pros and cons and built natural curiosity. 

Best Enterpreneur
Mr. Arun (Digital Marketer)

After graduated from the William Carey University of Meghalaya he worked on business strategy and start working with different startups. During his beginning stage of ventures, he conducted customer interactions, to develop product-market fit in his area of specialisation. After working on successful projects and wearing many hats, taught him to emphasise youth too, the skills and techniques of a successful marketer.

Arun always tries to empower our youth and encourage them to work hard and smarter for their dreams. Arun believes big dream need big smart work.

He also works on different platforms to support youth and shows nothing is impossible if you can make your dreams true. He works with various government bodies such as skilled India & Digital India.

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