Atam label manufacturing company is one of the best label manufacturers and suppliers companies in India. This company strives to provide its customers with high quality products.

This custom label manufacture company in usa manufactures a  wide range of quality label products to its small and large consumers whether they buy as wholesale or at retail price Atam label is a renowned Indian company that provides custom labels all around the world,

Check out the quality labels Atam label manufacture:  woven level, swing ticket, barcode labels, hang tags, heat transfer, printed fabric care labels, metal accessories and tissue paper buy at reasonable prices.

We are committed to provide good products to our valuable customers and work hard to provide good quality.

Atam labels Manufacturing Company, the level production is done under the supervision of experienced team and experts so that we strive to provide our customers with the right quality products.

 This company also provides solutions to product related problems. We try to provide reasonable prices to our customers and believe in honesty. We try to satisfy our customers with our product .

Woven labels

 The largest and best  label manufacturer of India produces the labels  by taking care of its standard quality, high standard system to ensure its product quality.

Woven label product is designed to give a new dimension  design to your fabric and garments.

 We provide many designs of woven labels to our customers at very low prices.


Hangtag is the best way to make your product attractive and unique. It doesn’t break easily. It is durable as well as strong.

Large range of different types of hangtags products for the consumer including Colorful hang tags, Clothing hang tags, creative dress hangtags, price hangtags, garments hangtags, fashion dress hangtags, design hang tags etc…

You can get Hang Tags made for all production.

Metal Buttons

largest and best mental buttons manufacturer of India Metal buttons are a used day by day our company  is specializing to manufacture all kinds of metal button, alloy button, rivet, belt buckle, bag buckle etc. We can also assemble metal motifs with leather badges to give a premium look. Kindly have a look at a part of our collections or other associated items to  supply a certain fastening or decorative function, including rivets, jeans buttons, metal labels, eyelets, brooches and other items.

Metal buttons are, they know the complexity of the manufacturing process. As far as metal buttons are concerned, their production process can be divided into  imprint  process, die-casting process and combined process. Generally speaking, metal buttons produced by stamping process are considered as metal products.

Barcode Solutions

Get the advantages of Barcode scanner tag imprinting in a moment. This important arrangement from Atam Label company  empowers you to print standardized tags on request without the requirement for committed scanner tag printers or costly SIMM or DIMM redesigns.

Barcode Scanner tags are frequently disregarded as a technique for reducing expenses and sparing time. A significant and reasonable decision for organizations hoping to improve productivity and lessen overhead, standardized identifications are both practical and dependable. 

Barcode Solutions reducing human mistakes. The event of mistakes for physically entered information is essentially higher than that of standardized identifications. A scanner tag examine is quick and dependable, and takes vastly less time than entering information by hand. 

Utilizing a standardized identification framework lessens worker preparing time. It takes just minutes to dominate the hand-held scanner for perusing standardized tags. Besides, workers don’t need to pick up experience with a whole stock or evaluating methodology. This additionally makes workers preparing more affordable, since they don’t need to be paid for additional preparation time, and another representative doesn’t need to be made up for preparing them. 

Standardized identifications are modest to plan and print. Barcode solutions cost simple pennies, paying little mind to their motivation, or where they will be appended.

 They can be utilized for any sort of essential information assortment. This could incorporate estimating or stock data. Furthermore, in light of the fact that standardized tags can be joined to pretty much any surface, they can be utilized to follow the items themselves, yet additionally friendly shipments and even gear. 

Stock control improves. Since standardized identifications make it conceivable to follow stock so unequivocally, stock levels can be diminished. This converts into a lower caught. The area of gear can likewise be followed, diminishing the time spent looking for it, and the cash spent supplanting hardware that is assumed lost. 

Barcode solutions tags give better information. Since one standardized tag can be utilized for stock and evaluating data, it is conceivable to rapidly acquire information on both. Besides, scanner tags can be redone to contain other applicable data varying. They give quick, dependable information for a wide assortment of uses. 

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