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Atam label company |Custom Label Manufacturers|  is one of the leading USA companies which was established in 1935 and this company has been providing its excellent service for 35 years. One of the best custom label manufacturers in the world. Only the company has continuously upgraded its machinery system. Our company follows the best standards of production so that we can provide our customers with valuable services. Our company is approved by global agencies like SEDEX, FSC, DISNEY. Our idea is to implement low-cost and high-quality products effectively so that our customers get high-quality products at low prices. Take care and deliver the right labels at the right time.

Label plays an important role in giving high recognition to your business. If the label of quality used in your products is not attractive then you will struggle to make your mark in the market. So Atam Labels  Company is one of the trusted companies in India. It has a leading position in the label of production. We strive to grow our business by providing high-quality custom labels to our customers. If you are looking for a Label Producer Company, then the Best Label Company is one of the few companies that can grow your product. Will make it more attractive.

We have deep knowledge experience in the level industry which has been providing our excellent service for 30 years. We believe that our customers are very important to us, so we take full care of our customers. Don’t be satisfied, you can be certain to know that  Atam Label Company is one of the leading custom label companies, has emerged as the first choice of customers in the last few years and has provided satisfaction to thousands of customers. Committed to give our best service to the customers, which has played an important role in making this company the best company.


Woven labels

Why We Provide More Importance To Custom Woman Level Our Woman Level Is The Most Beautiful And High Quality And Quality Woman Level Label Is A Good Choice For Our Customers It Is Woven With 100% Polyester Threads Every Thing In Our Production Process Is taken care of so that a good woven level can be prepared which is soft to the touch and remains beautiful even after thousands of washes.

Printed labels

Printed levels are widely used in the printing publishing industry. Our product is recognized for its quality and long functional life. Also, we ensure that all of us can give good quality of our product. Parameters such as product thickness, product quality, adhesive conditions ensure durability properly so that an effective product can be produced. 


The hangtags brand is an important element that is used to convey information about the product. We are India’s number one hangtags manufacturer company that manufactures hangtags. Being the best hangtags manufacturer, our hangtags are made of 100% purification materials. Our company uses many graphics designs and colors to attract hangtags to create a good hangtags. From small business to big business, we have a wide range of high-quality hangtags available according to your budget. Meets your requirement.

Mental buttons

Button is a trend of new fashion in today’s changing times, which increases the price of clothes whether it is women’s clothes or men can add charm to your personality. Not having the right buttons in clothes can affect the attractiveness of clothes. You may have trouble in choosing the type of button because or come in many colors and designs so our company helps our customers to select and provide the huge range of buttons. A huge range of button plastic buttons is available.



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