Coronavirus has become a reason for lockdown in most of the major countries. During this lockdown, peoples are finding a way for their entertainment. If you want to have fun and engage your mind then go for Online Games’ most engaging form of entertainment.

You can enjoy online games alone and with your family and friends. Playing challenging games helps in improving memory, concentration, and analytic skills. Here are a few online games for smartphones that you can enjoy.

Best 5 Individual and Multiplayer Online Games, which you can enjoy with family and friends.



PUBG MOBILE: Launched in the year 2018 and spread like a fire in the gaming world, especially in Smartphone users. The most running online games on Smartphones. It is special in multiplayer battleground which allows users to attack and enjoy with 99 online players. The visualization and graphic in this game make you feel like a real situation. There is a mission with a map assigned to players and players have to survive to win the mission by killing all the hidden enemies.



Call of Duty is a shooter video game, launched in the year 2003. The series of this game based on World War II settings. It is also a multiplayer game somewhere similar to PUBG. You can also make your team here by adding your friends and fight against opponents to win the match.



CandyCrush is a puzzle game of matching and switching three similar candies. The game divided into many levels, which must be completed in sequence with fixed numbers of moves. After clear each level the puzzle becomes more exciting and challenging. This will surely make you busy the whole day.



Classical game with some exciting features, no need for physical ludo at your place. Enjoy ludo in your Smartphone with a stranger and with your friends. Use very little data, run smoothly in every connection, and recall your childhood memories.



This game is set in a theme of the virtual world, where you can create your own village and own soldier team to attack and defend your village. There has a multiplayer option where you can build your team to attack enemies.

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