Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman of Reliance Company he has launched, Reliance Jio Fiber’s Plan with the concept of “First Day First Show” offer, is a new trend in the broadband and telecom industry. The company says this service will launch in the middle of 2020. Reliance has already given a huge competition for the telecom market, now its turn of the broadband industry and multiplex owners, this will be the toughest challenge for all cinema halls owners to make their hold on theater. In this concept users will able to enjoy new movie premieres, being at their home with a fast broadband speed of up to 1GBPS. Reliance announced that this service is only available for those users, who had registered for Jio Fiber Broadband Service.


Reliance Jio fiber plans to offer Landline Number, Ultra High Definition Entertainment, Virtual Reality Content, Home Internet Service, with features include a Set-Top Box, Voice Calling, Video Conferencing, Interactive Gaming, Home Security, Smart Home Solutions. Now what else users want?

Reliance Jio fiber plans details for the “First Day First Show” concept are categories into three plans one Diamond plan, the second Platinum plan, and the third Titanium Plan.


Reliance Jio Fiber Plan Rs 2,499 Diamond Monthly Plan
The diamond plan starts with Rs 2,499 basic and the cheapest plan for Reliance Jio Fiber. It presents to 500Mbps download and transfer speeds. The organization is offering 1,250GB (1.25TB) access to downloading and uploading data. The company is offering 1,250GB data, besides this company also offering 250GB additional data. Users can enjoy free video and voice calls, can enjoy gaming, and share content. The best thing users can enjoy virtual entertainment program with virtual headsets (VR Headsets). Under this user able to enjoy Jio’s app like JIO News, JIO Cinema, and JIO Saavn.

Reliance Jio Fiber Plan Rs 3,999 Platinum Monthly Plan
The platinum plan starts with Rs 3,999, users can enjoy the downloading and uploading limit with high speed transferring data. Under this plan company offering a 2,500GB (2.5TB) data limit. Here also users can enjoy free voice and video calling, gaming, and virtual entertainment programs. And the access to JIO Cinema, JIO Saavn, and JIO news.

Reliance Jio Fiber Plan Rs 8,499 Titanium Monthly Plan
Titanium plan starts with Rs 8,499, this is the highest plan for this service. A company offering 5,000GB (5TB) data limit, besides this it includes all services offering in platinum and Diamond plans. Titanium plan gives users access to “First Day First Show” and other premium services. It’s the best deal for users with big families. They can also enjoy watching like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and also can download high speed required games. 5 TB  is a complete package for user satisfaction.

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