tandoori chai in jaipur

Trend of Tandoori Chai

We have prepared for you a list of places where you can find amazing tandoori chai. Following the trend of tandoori chai in Jaipur you can enjoy it at so many shops. Tandoori chai spots in the city; you can enjoy having Chai in your Jaipur sightseeing tour packages. Having chai (tea) in Kullar or just a nice drink is old news now. Wake up Chai lovers! The pink city is full of a wide range of tea outlets for all of you. These various tea outlets now offer the new “Tandoori Chai”. Rainy weather or a cool day in town by car and a cup of tandoori chai in Jaipur is what you need to savor the beautiful scenery with the best people.

4 Places to Enjoy Tandoori Chai In Jaipur

Here is a list of places to visit in Jaipur where you can savor the best chai with your near and dear ones.


If you like an early morning breakfast and want a ‘chai met toast’ feeling then Sikora is the best place to go. The place will serve you one of Jaipur’s most favorite tandoori chai. Stop at this location and enjoy a nice cup of tea with your buddies.

Address of the Shop: Shop 4, Shri Ram Apartment, Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar Jaipur

Foodish Adda

Visit this amazing Chai store and enjoy the delicious food served here. The staff are very nice and you could get a free tandoori chai! Once you have tasted this superb tandoori chai, you will definitely order one more!

Address of the Shop: Near Akshardham Temple, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur


Samosas, kachori, chaats, bhel, bun maskas oh here you will find all these chai snacks with the incredible tandoori chai. The Chai here is newly served and the Chaiwalas are very picky about the level of cleanliness and the excellence of their food. So don’t worry and indulge your taste buds with the best tea and tandoori chai snacks in Jaipur.

Address of the Shop: 76/10, opposite landscape park, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Brewing Hut

Located inside Jaipur’s Pink Square Mall, the Brewing hut welcomes many shopaholics and walkers relishing its incredible dishes and chef’s specialties. From Waffles to Vada Pav Brewing Hut is all set to offer you all kinds of snacks, whether it is typical Indian flavors or a slightly foreign taste. While you shop, stop and try the delicious waffles or just order the tea and cookies.

Try these wonderful places and take pleasure of the best Tandoori Chai in Jaipur. Those listed above are the famous tea spots of Jaipur, so don’t forget to try them and quench your thirst while enjoying the weather in the Pink City. Go enjoy the sizzling snacks and hot masala tea with the best of your friends.

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