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Vastu is a science that helps during the development of a house or building during a manner that proves beneficial in some ways . Vastu applies o the whole house, be it bedroom, living room and even the washrooms. If the washrooms are constructed as per vastu, they will help in reducing the negative vibes as washrooms are the most source of negative energy. Hence, the direction and structure of a washroom are crucial during the development of a washroom as per vastu.

Bathroom and toilet vastu tips

We, At Arcuscon (Vastu Interior Designing Company in Dubai) has compiles a couple of points that ought to be considered while constructing the washroom:
According to vastu, the direction of the washroom should be either in west or northwest. And, if the bathroom and also the washroom are combined, then it’s advisable to get the bathroom in northwest direction. the main door should be either on the east or north wall. vastu suggests constructing the bathroom 1-2 feet above the ground level. The commode should be placed towards the north-south axis during a way that the person sitting doesn’t face the east or west direction. Also, one should make sure that the bathroom and washroom shouldn’t be adjacent either to the pooja room, or the kitchen or under the stairs because it may bring negative vibes, according to vastu.

Wooden doors should be used as they promote optimistic vibes in house. The washroom door should be kept shut in the least times as open door open may create problems in personal relationships and career. Sine washrooms are considered the main source of negative energy, placing statutes and pictures of gods near/on the toilet door are strictly prohibited.

Colors for the Washroom and Toilet

The walls of the toilet and Toilet should be painted using light shades like white, blue and pink according to vastu. The ventilation space should be in east, west or north wall of the toilet , so the space receives sunlight and fresh air.

The drainage should be towards the north, east or northeast direction, ensuring that the slope is additionally in same direction. the bath should be placed on the western side of the washroom.

The mirror, taps, and shower should be placed in north direction. Electrical appliances like Geyser, switchboard, etc. should be placed in southeast corner of the washroom. just in case a room is required, then it should be constructed in south or west direction.

  • The tiles of the bathroom and Toilet should either be of sunshine or pale colors.
  • Placement of washing machine should be in southeast or northwest direction.
  • While bathing, one should be in north or side of the lavatory and Toilet.
  • Using plants for the d├ęcor of the washroom is suggested because it makes the space lively.

Washroom vastu tips

  • The toilet shouldn’t be constructed in center, east or northeast of the house.
  • Washroom shouldn’t be connected to the bedroom as it may lead to nightmares for people sleeping there.
  • Constructing a septic tank on the southern side of the bathroom may have a negative influence on the house.
  • Do not store water either in southwest/southeast direction.
  • Donot put dark colors for painting the walls of the washroom as it may produce negative energy with an adverse impact.
  • The toilet should never be in front of the toilet door.
  • constructing an attached washroom and toilet should be avoided because it may cause financial and health related issues for inhabitants of the house.

We have compiled these Vastu tips for your home. If you want any kind of assistance then you can Contact us at Vastu Consultant in Dubai

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