In this digital age, the advancement of technology has made our lives way easier than ever, from finding yourself a luxury hotel stay to nearby cafe joints everything is just one click away.

But how is it really happening? How businesses are able to reach out to their target customers online?
Well, I will be taking about all of these in this blog, I’m going to tell you about SEO, What is SEO? Do they really affect our businesses? What are the types of SEO? Apart from this i’ll be telling you about Keywords, and Why are keywords important for SEO?

To increase the customer base it is essential for every business to have an online presence, it makes easier for business to reach out to the potential customers and showcase their products and services. It can be a website, application or social media page an online presence makes business much more reliable to the audience. To come up on the top of search engine result page (SERP) businesses perform Search Engine Optimization( SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


What is SEO

SEO Search Engine Optimization is a way through which a business can improve its performance i.e, improve website ranking, website traffic and can make business website search friendly for search engines.

Searcher trust search engines and the results showed by them, hence majority of people only click on the top results of the search engine result page. The top results shows that they are most relevant results of their query. In order to grow business online and make it visible in front of the target audience one has to take help of SEO.


Website Ranking is the position of website on the Search Engine Result Page. The higher the ranking the most relevant it is for the searcher.


Well, Website Traffic is nothing but the website users who visit any website and create website traffic. The increased website traffic indicates the increasing popularity of the website.

This shows that how much SEO is important for every business as it helps a website to appear in the top results of the Search Engines Result Pages.
But is it really important to appear on the top results of the Search Page?
Well, the answer would be YES, lets understand it like this..for instance a user search for and Apparel store nearby and types some terms related to it. Similarly, you also own an apparel store near to the location of the user only, after the user hits the search button search engine provides him with the number of results related to his query and the most relevant one will appear on the top of the page.

Usually users don’t click on every single results provided by the search engines, they only click on the top most of the results or the first page results.

But here your business is appearing on the second page or say on the third page in this situation the chances of getting the attention of the user is slightest.
But does this affect your business? Of Course yes, By not appearing on the top positions of the search result page you have lost your chance to show your visibility in front of your targeted customer, and it will eventually affect your customer base.

So, here we have understood that What is Search Engine Optimization. SEO performs key functions:
1. Finding Keywords
2. Generate Traffic
3. Improve the quality and quantity of traffic in website

SEO has two main components:
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO


On-Page SEO helps in making your website search friendly by adjusting elements inside website, so that search engines could able to crawl and understand the content and the structure of the website.


The actions we take to promote our website on search engines besides advertisement is known as Off-page SEO.



Keywords are the terms and phrases searcher types on the search box of any search engine. It is one of the most essential thing in SEO. Keywords are the idea that defines what the content is about or what the searcher is looking for.

To get the relevant result of your query it is very important to write the write keywords while searching your content.


Business need to know how people are looking for the information or product they are offering, this will make them easier to find you. the more you improve your keyword, the more people will get in touch with your site and eventually it will improve the reputation of your website.

keywords work as a connector between the searcher, looking for the content and the business, who are trying to sell their content. This helps in generating the organic traffic to the website.

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By Deepa