Mask helps us in preventing acute respiratory infections. In research, this found that the utilization of facemask is a successful obstruction to control the respiratory disease.

During this coronavirus pandemic, every country encouraging its citizens to wear a mask to prevent themselves from coronavirus disease. Even in India Prime Minister Narender Modi requested if anyone cannot avail mask or due to shortage, use their basic clothes as a mask during public transmission.

The use of mask and hand wash prevents the transmission of coronavirus and help all of us in saving lives. Many country’s governments, running awareness campaigning to the aware public by the usage of the facemask.

There is some instruction about using a mask by the World Health Organization.

– Before wearing on a mask, wash your hand properly with soap and alcohol-based sanitizer.


– Spread your nose and mouth properly with mask and make sure there will be no gaps between your face and mask.


– While using masks abstain touching it, and if this happens then clean your hand with an alcohol-based sanitizer.


– Get changed the masked as it gets moist and does not re-use a single used mask.


– While removing masks remove it from behind and immediately discard in a dustbin. Then after this wash and clean your hands wash with sanitizer.

Remove mask from behind